rules of the game

Recommended Ages
PUMPJAXE enforces a strict 11 years of age and above rule on participants.

All participants may either throw one-handed or two-handed and must hold the axe over or behind their heads. Axes must be thrown behind the 12 feet mark away from the target depending on player height. Axes are thrown side-by-side by competing players and must be released at the same time.

Participants throw their axes from a 3-foot wide box. The typical stance when throwing involves a lead foot and a back foot. The lead foot must remain inside the box while throwing, while the back foot can be positioned wherever is most comfortable. The lead foot may not cross the front line before or during the throw. 

If an axe sticks in two rings simultaneously, the player who threw it will be awarded points based on the higher valued ring.

If an axe falls out of the target, the throw generates zero points.

Our coaches have several games for your group to play to ensure everyone has an unforgettable experience!

Our certified coaches will review all safety rules prior to your start time.  All throwing is done in a controlled environment, monitored and supervised by a professional. 

Axes are inspected prior to events to ensure their safety. Our certified Axeperts will ensure axe blades are sharp enough to stick to their target but are safe to touch.

How to Throw An Axe

Step One
Grip the handle of your axe just like you would a baseball bat. When you throw your axe, keep it straight so it does not rotate to the right or left in the air before connecting with your target.

Step Two
Lean back and pull the axe up and over your head, gripping with both hands.

Step Three
In a fluid motion, bring the axe forward over your head and extend your arms straight toward your target, releasing when your arm is parallel to the ground.

Step Four
Have fun!

Start Throwing Axes at PUMPJAXE in Tyler, Texas!

It’s time to start throwing!

This booming new sport is easy and fun for people of all ages! Plus, when you book your lanes at PUMPJAXE, you and your group will receive the professional guidance of our Axeperts. They’ll instruct you thoroughly on how to throw an axe, set up games for a little competition, and ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

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